a Palazzo Malipiero - Spazio/Space 3198 - First Floor  
  51a Biennale d'Arte 2005-Ciprus Pavilion
  GRAVY PLANET - Panayotis Michael and Kostantia Sofokleous
Cyprus at the 51st International Exhibition of Contemporary Art
La Biennale di Venezia
(12 June - 6 November 2005)

Artists: Panayiotis Michael and Konstantia Sofokleous

Curator: Chus Mart�nez
Commissioner: Louli Michaelidou
Deputy Commissioner: Stavroula Andreou Busnello
Designer (material/pavilion): Gorka Eizagirre

A world Drawing by Konstantia Sofokleous
and Panayiotis Michael

The Cyprus pavilion for the 2005 Venice Biennale presented Konstantia Sofokleous (1974)
and Panayiotis Michael (1966), two artists whose works for the pavilion comprised
drawings on paper, wall interventions and animations. Both artists researched how every
one of us is a rational actor carrying subjective rights and private inclinations in societies
transformed into a Gravy Planet - a place were you are not allowed to miss the gravy train.

Although the exhibition was based on two individual presentations, the full project should
be seen from the viewpoint of a shared aim: to investigate mechanisms that allow us to
locate our universe of private worries within the public sphere. By working in a very
personal manner and based on the study of how each one of us perceives and acts in
socio-political and geographical situations that define our daily lives, both artists have
striven to find meaningful resources in order to create a space where new values acquire

Alice�s Adventures in Wonderland and a Popular Children's Poem are the two animated
pieces on which Konstantia Sofokleous' installation was based, together with a large series
of wall drawings.

Panayiotis Michael - under the general title of I promise, You Will Love me Forever- had
chosen different works on paper and murals that subtly address a number of issues,
primarily focusing on how collective action produces public good.